Why You Are Not Winning in Life - Episode 4

Why You Are Not Winning in Life - Episode 4

Every day is a chance to do more in life. An opportunity to go for it and reach for your dreams. But, most people are playing not to lose instead of playing to win. In this podcast, Donnie takes you why most people lose in life by playing defense vs. offense. He will teach some techniques to get out of your own way and live life to the fullest.

Finding Your Inner Badass - Episode 2

Every day is a chance to go bigger than you thought you could. Louder than you thought possible. Each day is a chance to show the world your burning flame of inner badassery. Will you light the fire?

Every day you wake up you get a chance to be thankful for another opportunity and another chance. Don’t waste it on idle thoughts or negative patterns instead rise up and go for it. Look at your day as if it is your last and run. Run so fast that your demons cannot catch you. Run so hard that your momentum carries you through the muck. Go big and loud and crash through the barriers so that when you get to the other side your negative thoughts are exhausted trying to keep up.

Run Like Hell Podcast - Donnie's Journey - Episode 1

It has been a fun ride so far. I must forewarn you I am a United States Marine honorably discharged in 1999 I have a bit of a salty flair to me. I tell this to all the rooms I speak in front too. I ask them if they will have to forgive the language it is not bad but slips out on accident. I would not be me if I weren't real. So, as you read this, you’re going to hear it like it is with no filter. I think If I try to be proper and correct I won’t do anyone any favors.

I don’t have a sob story about growing up with nothing I grew up in a middle-class America household with loving parents. They backed me up on anything I did and allowed me to fall flat on my face when I needed to.